Here’s a quick update on where the Technical Writing Process is up to. As you can see, I’m still ironing out a few bugs here and there in the website Please let me know if you spot something that’s broken. I’ll be making the templates available for download soon in the next week or two. These will be available via Gumroad, until I set up proper payment facilities on the website.

Most importantly, the book isn’t published yet. It’s currently with the graphic designer, Adam Burns. I’m hoping that design will be finalised by the end of October, after which there’ll be a round of proofreading with my editors, Indigo Editing. This should allow me to publish in mid-November 2014 as originally planned.

The plan is to publish the book in eBook and paperback formats. The paperback version will be published through Amazon Createspace, a print-on-demand vendor that seems to be Amazon’s “plug and play” printing service. The eBook will be full colour, but the paperback will be black and white, at least initially, due to Createspace making it uneconomical to print books with a high page count in colour.

Here’s an illustration: a snapshot of the Createspace royalty calculator, with the price point set at $55. The kicker is the “Expanded Distribution” channel – if the price is any lower than $55, the numbers start to go negative (i.e. I’d be making a loss for every copy sold):


If the book does end up selling enough copies, I’ll investigate a cheaper colour option through a different printer. I really hope it does, because I want to see it in colour! Even if it doesn’t sell enough copies I might do a small print run in colour at a local (i.e. Australian) printer.